Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brown Sugar Brulee Shrimp

stained 1054 bistro

Brown Sugar Brulee Shrimp
highlighted with a bourbon butter sauce
served in a roasted acorn squash
 filled with praline rice pilaf
w/ salad

Au Poirve Canadian Salmon
peppercorn crusted fresh salmon
topped with a mango salsa and blackberry coulis
served on a fresh herb rice
w/ salad

Pan Seared Fresh Ahi Tuna
on a garden tomato caprese salad
with an olive oil croustade
accented with a balsamic reduction
w/ salad

Meat and Five Cheese Lasagna
parmesan, provolone, asiago, ricotta and mozzarella
with old world italian sausage and angus chuck beef
served with garlic herb bread
w/ salad

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