Thursday, February 20, 2014

ten percent off


The first 10 people who call between 11 am and 1 pm to make a reservation for dinner tonight will receive ten percent off their bill!  Bring one friend or twenty, it doesn't matter, the first 10 reservations get 10 percent off the whole table!

Chicken Parmesan
hand breaded chicken breast , pan sauteed
accented with a three cheese blend and marinara sauce
served on penne pasta
w/ salad

Penne Bolognese
a rich beef and italian sausage sauce
topped with a three cheese blend
served with a lemon garlic crusty bread
w/ salad

Bistro Meatloaf
perfect blend of italian sausage, angus chuck, herbs & spices
served on parmesan garlic mashed potatoes
with a fresh vegetable saute
highlighted with a herb roasted tomato sauce
w/ salad

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